MUSIC: G Herbo – My Baby

It doesn’t take long for G-Herbo’s new single “Baby” to establish a nostalgic tone. For one, the percussion is restrained, dare I say intimate, mirroring the vibe of a romantic bedroom jam. A sensual guitar lick provides the basis for Herbo’s game-spitting, evoking memories of early millennium RnB jams. It’s not exactly the most awe-inspiring instrumental, but it’s certainly refreshing, allowing Herbo ample space to seduce his titular love interest.

Vocally, G Herbo holds back, opting for an almost conversational flow. The decision is a logical one, given that “My Baby” seems to be addressed to an unnamed woman, who certainly embodies the “lady in the streets, freak in the sheets” archetype. At some points, it’s almost comical, as Herbo’s thick baritone apologizes for blowing her back out. It’s unclear whether Herbo is drawing from his own reality for this one, but it certainly feels genuine; insofar as “thug luv” tracks go, “My Baby” is a welcome callback to simpler times.