MUSIC: J.I.D – Slick Talk

Prior to dropping off his new DiCaprio 2 album, Dreamville’s JID spoke highly of “Slick Talk,” building an added layer of anticipation for the opening statement. With that in mind, I was pleased to hear the opening notes, which bring forth the quickly-becoming-iconic tag of producer Kenny Beats. With an up-tempo percussive arrangement and minimalist synth pattern, the initial moments of “Slick Talk” felt like JID’s wheelhouse, the style of instrumental he’s apt to murder in his sleep, at this point.

Yet at the forty-five-second minute mark, the beat switches, conjuring up an ominous harpsichord and Ondes Martnot-esque arrangement; the feeling is evocative of the witching hour, entrenching “Slick Talk” squarely into “Dark Banger” territory. JID responds appropriately by slowing down the flow, addressing his state within the game and setting the bar accordingly. Previously released singles like “151 Rum” and “Off Deez” proved that JID can spit flashy; on “Slick Talk,” however, the young rapper proves his chops come equipped with a notable gravitas.