MUSIC: Ronny J – Butterflies

The “OMG Ronny” tag remains one of the new school’s most recognizable, occasionally popping up in the most unexpected of places. Yet today, Ronny has returned to his familiar stomping grounds, which is to say, the fertile ground that is Soundcloud. The producer slash vocalist has come through to deliver “Butterflies,” teaming up with Bryvn to hold it down with some live-instrumentation; dare I say a gravitation toward the acoustic is gearing up to be a dominant musical trend come 2019? In any case, Ronny continues to hold it down with another solid, if unspectacular effort.

For one, the song is simply too short to make an impression. Though it motions to evoke an intimate emotional connection between two would-be lovers, the brevity makes it feel like a fleeting streetside glance. Still, Ronny’s melodic ear keeps “Butterflies” listenable, and his potential continues to be teased with every passing drop. Were he to extend this one, perhaps linking with a proven songwriter, it’s entirely possible this might have been a crossover hit. Yet instead, Ronny continues to feel like a scientist of sorts, conjuring all manner of formula in the hopes of a reaching genuine breakthrough. Were that this one was longer.