MUSIC: Russ – Nobody Knows

“Nobody Knows” soundly resonates as the crucial moment a detestable character begins to be seen in a different light. Now I’m not saying that I dislike Russ, or that anyone does for that matter – but on “Nobody Knows” shows us the aching vulnerability he’s only been able to describe in passing moments. And to think, this song wasn’t good enough to make the final cut on his September release ZOO, as he purported himself in a surprise Twitter announcement yesterday.

“Nobody Knows,” one of three leftover songs rebranded as the Just In Case EP, tells the tale of an individual juggling the good and the bad that comes out self-validation and loneliness. The rest of the EP, although seemingly heartful, fails to capture this idea of social (media) isolation quite as succinctly, due to the noted re-emergence of his “rapping-self.” It’s been a couple decades since Russ defended “the culture” against the constant headache of “Rap is Crap” chants on elementary school playgrounds. It made him the headstrong artist he is today.