MUSIC: T-Pain – That’s Yo Money

T-Pain must have a vault filled with bangers hidden somewhere in one of his houses. The auto-tune king dropped off endless music in 2018, and he keeps the roll out going with his latest banger. “That’s Yo Money” is the latest single from T-Pain that will be in heavy rotation at strip clubs and bars across the nation. After announcing his 1UP Tour, maybe T-Pain thought he needed to grace us with some new music as well. No complaints here.

“That’s Yo Money” has a gorgeous instrumental that features a wavering flute that is mesmerizing. Over-energetic kicks and an equally entrancing violin, T-Pain sings and raps about luscious women getting rained on in the strip club. If we’re lucky, Teddy will drop off a new project at the top of 2019 as well.