MUSIC: XXXTENTACION – One Minute Ft Kanye West

XXXTentacion just came through with the posthumous new album Skins. Kanye West is the only feature on the album, and he goes in over the rock instrumental on “One Minute.” This song is more Kanye’s than it is X’s. West spits a lengthy verse on the track, taking about 80% of the single to himself. X delivers the chorus and hook, but allows Mr. West to own the song for his own narrative.

Kanye sounds revitalized over the harsh guitar licks. His voice is run through a soft distorted filter that aligns well with the beat. After the elongated verse, X comes through will screamo sounding vocals that bring the song from hip-hop back to metal. His rockstar screams will influence headbanging from his fans, and a moshpit almost appeared in my living room while playing the track. Although “One Minute” is a banger, a verse from X would have elevated it even further.