VIDEO: Method Man – Eastside Ft Snoop Dogg & INTeLL

Method Man has been quiet of late, though don’t assume inactivity was the cause. The legendary Wu-Tang rapper was putting in work, touring the world and crafting The Meth Lab 2: Lithium, alongside creative partner Hanz On. The second season of his Staten Island-centric series dropped at midnight, and many have been quick to praise Meth’s razor-focused bars, which have yet to dull after over twenty-five years in the game. The extent of his effortless skill is evident on “Episode 2: Eastside,” which finds Snoop Dogg and newcomer iNTell lining up for the occasion.

It’s not the first time Meth and Snoop have joined forces, having appeared together on Tical 0 banger “We Some Dogs.” Here, they move with a notable sense of authority, with Meth in particular turning in a scene-stealing performance. “Need to be Proactive, these rap kids need to know the meanin’ of what rap is before they say they rappers,” spits Meth. “I can say I mastered everything they talkin’ ’bout, and after it’s all said and done, you’ll see my jersey in the rafters.” Snoop makes sure to honor his fellow veteran’s presence, as the Doggfather keeps the flow slick like only he can.