MIKE comes to us with his 4th project of 2018, not a moment too soon or too late. I guess “Prayer” featuring Brooklyn emcee Medhane is the closest to thing to a lead single as you’ll get off War in my Pen, which dropped with a two-week advancement before the rest of the project, the music video giving it an added touch-up it most definitely deserves.

Before you get into your listening groove, it’s worth noting MIKE’s unusual introduction to rap, by our standards in North America. MIKE was born in New Jersey to immigrant parents but forced to make big transition early on in his childhood when his parents split, his mother going to London, England, and later Nigeria due to immigration issues. MIKE stayed with his mother’s side until his teen years when he rejoined his father in America. It was then that MIKE first discovered hip-hop with no return in sight. Check out “Prayer” and take it from there.